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David Arrington


Attorney David Arrington was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He obtained his bachelor of science decree from the University of Houston in 1995, and graduated from South Texas College of Law in December, 2003.

Mr. Arrington began working for the prestigious Houston, Texas Family Law firm of Piro * Nichols * Lilly just after graduating from high school in 1990. He continued working with that firm full time through college and law school. The firm transformed over the years into what was ultimately known as Piro, Lilly & Cole. The firm hired Mr. Arrington as one of its associate attorneys in December, 2003 where Mr. Arrington began and continued to practice exclusively family law until the firm dissolved in the Summer of 2007. During the years with the firm, Mr. Arrington helped the partners and associate attorneys (most of which were Board Certified Family Law Specialists) prepare for custody trials and various other hearings. He attended and participated in numerous trials. He assisted many of the attorneys with researching and writing speeches for widely known legal education courses, and co-authored a speech for the 2006 Advanced Family Law Course in San Antonio, Texas.

Mr. Arrington is married with children, and understands the importance of having quality family law representation during the tumult of any family law case.